Healers Invocation

It is with a humble heart that I thank Creator

for the blessing of sharing the gifts that flow through me as a vessel for healing and love.

innvocationWe come together in love & humility opening ourselves to your will.  We ask that the commonality of humanity unite us so that divine presence can be with us at this moment, on this day, and forever more.  For we know your light manifests through us when we allow ourselves to receive your presence.

Assist us now as we come together with only the highest intentions in our hearts.  Allow us the grace to be at one with you, realizing our destiny to serve as you would have us serve.  May we honor our common vision as radiant beings of light.

May we honor our differences, respecting each others traditions, cultures, beliefs, and ideas to lovingly carry out our true purpose.

We are so grateful Creator to be here together in true spirit of your will so that we may see deeper than our human eyes the countless blessings you have bestowed upon us. May we continue to share every blessing you bring with all those whose paths we cross in order to uplift our brothers and sisters in your divine will.

May each of us be like that pebble in the river with our words, thoughts, and deeds, to ripple out to those around is in loving acceptance.