Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is vital if one is to experience a truly healthy life. Why is energy balancing important?  Because regardless of any area of our lives that may be out of balance, when the energetic body is unbalanced, everything else is also.  It is only once the energy field becomes balanced that true physical and mental healing can take place.  If you have attempted to heal a specific physical or mental issue with no success, an energy balancing may be for you.

Through energetic balancing the energy field opens up to the possibility of true healing. Alignment of ones’ self takes place once the chakras and bodies are in balance. As the center of our energy the chakras have an immediate and profound effect on our overall well being.  In balancing our chakras we are balancing our energy systems.

The chakra system includes eight major chakras:

The lower triangle consists of the first, second and third chakras

First Chakra> Security and Survival  – One’s foundation- Red-Earth
Developed : Grounding; Security; Survival; Self-acceptance; connection to our physical body
Rules the base of the spine between the anus and the sexual organ; colon


Second Chakra> Creativity and Sexuality- Full Expression- Orange-Emotions-Water
Developed:  Emotional body
Rules the sexual organs, reproductive glands, bladder and kidneys


Third Chakra>  Personal Power-Yellow-Fire
Developed: Autonomy, Will Power, and Personal Power
Rules the solar plexus, gall bladder, liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenals and digestive organs


The mid point is the fourth chakra


Fourth Chakra
> Heart -Balance-Green-Air
Developed:  Love, Balance, Nurturing, Compassion, Centeredness, and Peace
Rules the heart, lungs, thymus gland


The upper triangle consists of the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras


Fifth Chakra
> Speaking One’s Truth-Self-Expression-Blue-Ether
Developed:  Clarity in Self-expression, Communication, Vibration, and Sound
Rules the throat, trachea, cervical vertebrae, and thyroid gland


Sixth Chakra
> Third Eye- Intuition- Indigo-Beyond the 3rd dimension
Developed:  Divinity, Devotion, See the big picture, Wisdom, and Trust
Rules the brain, pituitary gland


Seventh Chakra
>Crown of the Head,-Conscious Awareness-Violet-Seat of the Soul
Developed:  Spiritual Connection, Transcendence, Knowledge, Oneness with All, and Bliss
Rules the brain, pineal gland


Eighth Chakra> The Aura-White-Electromagnetic Field

Developed:  Oneness with God, Radiance
Rules the Energy Field around the body

Energy Balancing – How & Why

An energy balancing treatment is done without touching the body.  Working with the energetic field and the chakra system, adjusting takes place, balance is brought back and reactivation of each chakra occurs so as  to create harmony.   The session will shift your vibrational frequency in a noticeable way that may include a new level of vitality and health following your session.

energy-balancingBalancing energy is practical maintenance these days.  Stress itself can throw us out of alignment and prevent ourselves from feeling well.  The modern lifestyle is not conducive to a balanced life.

Over-stimulation is now the norm. Being a global community, we are bombarded with an abundance of information. In our age of technology, additional influences come into play. Utilization of the many technologies available to us can easily throw our being out of balance, negatively affecting our electromagnetic field and quality of life.

Our electromagnetic field is the receptor and sensor of everything going on around us.  Our electromagnetic field is that energy field that surrounds our body and acts as the carrier of what it attracts.  Think of it as a shield.  Surrounding our body it is the front line of receiving information and energy and rejecting the same.  It “senses” what is going on before our physical body recognizes it.  It is the “sixth sense” of our being that “understands” what is happening.

In order to regain physical health energy balance is necessary.  A variety of modalities and practices can be utilized in achieving energy balancing.

In my practice I customize your energy balancing session. This includes working with your energy field, chakra alignment, and/or crystal layout.  A harmonious energetic field gives way for a holistic balance of one’s life.