Past Life Regression 

past-lifePast Life Regression allows you to return to a time in a previous incarnation that has shaped the outcome effecting events in this lifetime.

Circumstances, situations and patterns that repeat themselves or are experienced as very significant to us may be symptoms that can be healed through regression therapy.

When it becomes necessary to understand or change beliefs from a time gone by that is no longer appropriate here and now, regression therapy can be useful.  Old habits, contracts, agreements, and karmic patterns may be inappropriate for you now.  There are times when a behavior or belief that once served a very good purpose becomes painful.  We may act out patterns that no longer serve us.

An individual may experience a Past Life Regressions spontaneously. This is known as spontaneous regression, in which someone finds themselves transported back in time to a remembrance of experiences they had during a previous incarnation.

You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for past life therapy to work. Regardless of an individuals’ spiritual beliefs, social background, economic status or educational level,  uncovering one’s past lives may uncover the origins of many negative influences in our lives so we can release them.   Past Life Regression has the ability to relieve symptoms, assist with both physical and emotional issues, as well as clear old karmic patterns that need to be released.  Empowering you to improve the quality of your life, past life regression is a useful and efficient way to move through blockages, alleviate fears, and renew present circumstances allowing for individuals to be fully present in their daily lives.

Some of the issues addressed during Past Life Regression Therapy is:

  • Phobias- persistent irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation
  • Chronic pain-habitual, long standing, or recurring physical, mental, or emotional discomfort or distress
  • Complexes- clusters of inter-related, emotional-charged ideas and impulses that influence one’s behavior
  • Traumas- damage to the psyche that occurs as the result of severely distressing event

Past Life Regression can also be used to explore current circumstances surrounding relationships, chronic pain, personal issues, and fears.  In order to heal current problems in our lives, it is often relevant to get in touch with their origin and reframe them.  This reframing makes way for a new way of viewing our current set of circumstances while responding to them with a fresh perspective.

pastLife2Regression work will never bring up to one’s own consciousness anything they are unable to handle.  Human beings have a built in mechanism which protects us when it is appropriate.

Therefore, only information comes to the surface that is ready to be addressed. Although the initial experience may have been traumatic, the remembrance or re-experience of the incident will only come to the forefront once the client is ready to get the lesson and heal from it.

You have heard it said that being aware of a problem brings you halfway towards resolving it.  Understanding it and reframing (seeing it in a new perspective and experiencing it from a different point of view) it then, is completing this resolution.  The power lies in the regression process, which allows the client new tools for healing the current issue and provides them with self-empowerment.