Personalized Destiny Readings

destiny-readings2Personalized Destiny Readings allow you to explore the deeper aspects of self by providing insight into the souls purpose, the infinite self’s identity, and information available to support the fulfillment of ones’ destiny.

Your Personalized Destiny Reading is initiated when I call in your guides and angels to come forth and be present during the session. I then shares any information I  receive from them.  This is the beginning of accessing information relevant to you that allows for the opening up your own intuitive pathways.

During the reading you may ask any questions, focus on specific concerns, or simply allow whatever information shows itself to be revealed.  Most readings include a combination of all of these.  You do not have to know what to ask or focus on in order to receive a reading. It is important for you to know that even if you are not clear on what you want out of a reading, beneficial information will come forward to guide you. 

Specific areas of concentration will be addressed during the session but you can expect information you weren’t planning on receiving that will enlighten and uplift your spirit, giving you the opportunity to make a shift in your spiritual awareness.  Liken your reading to auric remote viewing as I “see” beyond this world into the energetic of where you are now, where you are headed and what assistance you might need to navigate your personal journey.

Soul wisdom is brought forth through the reading specifically designed for you. It is an overview of your soul’s map with specific energies needed for you at this particular time and space. Soul wisdom is information your higher self provides during the reading to empower you into a fuller and more self-realized life, assisting and guiding you on your journey. 

A Personalized Destiny Reading gives you the information necessary to live with joy, confidence and love.  I navigate this world and the next with compassion, integrity and love.

Your session is designed to harmonize your energetic field, raise your vibration and bring about clarity and self empowerment.