Vibrational Healing and the Gong

As we are all made up of matter, we are vibrating energy. Anything in existence has a specific frequency and vibration. Everything is molecules vibrating at different frequencies. Sound creates vibration that affects all of matter. Vibrational healing utilizes the sound current as a tool for creating balance and aligning the energetic field.

Through sound vibrational healing can take place. Sound can stimulate the healing process. By it’s nature, it has the power to replicate the primal sound of the universe through two distinct tools. 

The first one is the conch- a seashell used in ceremonies and ritual throughout the world from time immemorial. The conch has been used to call in the gods, prepare for warfare, celebrate rites of passage, and bring balance and harmony to the community.

gong.2The second is the gong.  The gong is a therapeutic sound that can be used for healing. The gong emits vibrational frequencies that interact with the frequencies within ones self.  When played correctly, the gong can be used as a vehicle for journeying; allowing yourself to get lost in the sound current.  That is where the gong can assist you. You will become one with the sound and may go wherever you are guided to do some healing work and come back.  Everyone will experience something different. The least that happens is a deep relaxation. 

Emotional, physical and spiritual shifts will occur. Molecular change takes place as the sound from the gong penetrates the vibratory frequency of your cellular structure. A recalibration happens. Energies move around and heightened states of awareness take place.  

Guided meditation that incorporates the gong brings transformative results. Research shows that when used properly the gong shifts awareness to higher states of consciousness. When taken into a laboratory, scientific results were documented proving that the gong clearly brought about states of higher consciousness that created a deep sense of peace.  Gong meditations are used for stress reduction, deep healing and powerful shifts in consciousness. Restoration of the normal vibratory frequency occurs, bringing the being from a state of disharmony to one of harmony.