Workshops & Classes

Protection Techniques for Practitioners

This course is designed to give empathic practitioners some tools and techniques to protect themselves from the effects of the energy of their clients. A must for hands on healers.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Over 10 million people suffer from panic attacks. In this one day workshop you will learn how to utilize hypnotherapeutic techniques to help you or your clients to “stop” anxious thought patterns and eliminate the “panic response” when it appears. Aspects of catastrophic thinking or the “What ifs” will be discussed as well as techniques to help your clients take back their lives. Definitions and symptoms of panic and anxiety will be discussed.

Achieving Goals

Learn hypnotherapeutic tools for increasing the success of achieving your goals. Find out how to allow the mind to be on your side. Let the mind work for you and not against you. Learn to clear blocks easily.

Activating Cellular Memory

The scientific community has now confirmed that each cell in our bodies carries it’s own wisdom and memory. Learn how to access the body’s inner wealth of information through specific techniques. Designed for the advanced practitioner.

Stress Management

Learn useful stress management tools for every day life. Become aware of your stress warning signs and what to do about them. Identify healthy stress levels and how they can work for you.

Sub-personalities: Integrating Parts Work

Each of us carries within many parts that make up who we are. This class is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the various sub-personalities within us, how they got there, what roles they each play for us, and how to manage and re-frame them so that we may feel integrated into our wholeness.

Abduction Regression Therapy

This course is designed to teach the professional practitioner how to assist their client through their extraterrestrial contact or extraterrestrial abduction experience. You will learn to understand the abduction phenomenon and the associated trauma experienced by the abductee. Abductees often experience multiple traumas including but not limited to; isolation, alienation, relationship failure, job loss, self doubt and confusion. Post Abduction Stress Trauma-PAST.

Death as a Sacred Transition; Dealing with Grief and Loss

Understanding death as a rite of passage. This is a heart centered approach. Through this training you will be grounded in principles of conscious living and conscious dying. In hypnosis processes you will deal with issues of unfinished grieving, practice “caring presence” through practicums and class participation. You will gain tools to support yourself and your clients during times of death and dying, grief and loss. Western and Eastern views on living and dying will be taught as well as a discussion of the possible transpersonal experiences surrounding the dying and bereavement process. In this training, you’ll do hands-on grief resolution work.

Past Life Regression

This course is designed to teach you the value of past life regression as an effective tool for healing and transformation. Regardless of your personal or client’s belief system, learn to understand and use this phenomena for healing and bringing resolution to issues whether real; metaphorically or symbolically.

Medical Issues

This course is designed to give the practitioner a psychotherapeutic over view of medical issues. Specific illness and disease will be addressed with methods and strategies for dealing with them. Hypnotherapeutic techniques will be taught including the power of guided imagery, cellular release therapy, future pacing and educating the subconscious to assist healing and promote health.

Pain Management

This course will provide systematic procedures for pain management both for self-help and assisting clients.

Energy Work 1 & 2 (two days)

This two day course is designed to tune into and learn about subtle body energies. Students will be involved in hands -on techniques to balance chakras, reading the auric and electromagnetic fields, clearing energy blocks, body scanning and more. Techniques will be taught to balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Soul Retrieval

As traumatic events take place in your life fragments of your very soul splinter off and are left frozen in time and space. In order to Be Here Now it is necessary to have all of your parts present. It becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions in the present with fragments scattered in the past. This course will teach you how to retrieve those parts and integrate them into ‘now’.

Spiritual Therapies Workshop

This workshop will introduce three spiritual therapies, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spirit Depossession (Release) Therapy and Soul Retrieval Therapy, and show how they are interrelated. The utilization of both hypnotic and non hypnotic induction’s and the resolution of past life residue will be presented. You will also learn how to discover the attachment of attached spirits and release techniques and when and how to use Soul Retrieval techniques. This workshop is extremely experiential. Integrating these therapies into your practice will dramatically increase success rates.