Allow yourself to relax into the chair below you. Feel your body let go of any tension it might be holding as you ease into a place of comfort. Now release any thoughts so that your mind can become the observer, with no need to do any work at all. Just allow the mind to relax. Take a deep breath in and feel the body fill with light. Now release the breath and let any and all stress go.

Begin to notice how it feels to be this relaxed. See yourself in your minds eye in a sanctuary designed just for you. Picture your sanctuary as a perfectly safe place for you to dwell. Visualize your sanctuary as a place of clarity and peace. What is in it? What colors are there?
What sounds do you hear? Notice what it feels like to be in your sanctuary. The stillness. The comfort. Allow yourself to take in the peace of this sacred place. Let the energy of your sanctuary envelop you in peace and safety. How good it feels…

In the safety of this place, let yourself feel any places in your body where you are holding sadness and grief. Become aware of your body holding this grief. Perhaps you feel it in your heart. Or maybe you notice it in your stomach or head. As you bring your awareness to your bodys connection with your grief, take a moment to realize that your body has been trying to carry your emotions for you all this time. Your body has been carrying the burden you have not been able to fully process. Now let yourself fully feel the pain of it, and let go. Inhale bringing in the peacefulness of your sanctuary to those places deep within your body, and exhale, letting go of your deep grief held inside. Let it all out. Once again, inhale the energy of your sanctuary into your inner sanctuary, your body. And exhale releasing the stuck pain in your body, and let it go.

You have honored your being, your physical body, your emotional body your mental body, by acknowledging the energy it’s been carrying for you all of this time. Now thank it for serving you in such a way. Be gentle. Remember, your body and mind have been working very hard in an attempt to protect and help you. Thank your body silently. Thank your mind. Now thank your emotions. For they hold the key to what is going on within. And finally, give thanks to your spirit. Without your inner spirit, you might not have been guided to work through your grief. Thank all aspects of self by honoring the divine within.

In your minds eye, see yourself in your sanctuary once again. Notice what it’s like to be in the peacefulness of this place. As you look around your sanctuary, you are drawn to a place in the room that holds a special gift for you. Make your way to that place and open your gift. What is it? It might be something tangible or it might not. Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve just received. How does your gift hold special meaning to you? Is there a connection between your gift and your loved one?

Now thank the universe for the gift you have received today. Accept it with open arms and take it in. Remember, you can come back to your sanctuary any time you need to get away, experience some self healing, or just want to rejuvenate. Your sanctuary is a place to reflect and be at peace. And it’s designed just for you.

Take a few moments to look around. Prepare yourself to come back now, knowing you can return at any time. Bringing your gift back with you, allow yourself to gently feel yourself coming back into the room. Breathe in and feel your body fully awakened. Breathe out, letting go of the pasty. Breathe in, and feel yourself back in the room. Breathe out and release all that you cleared away while in your sanctuary today.

Notice how good you feel as you gently open your eyes and experience yourself back in the room with everyone.

Laurrana Leigon D.Div. C.Cht.