Working With Those At The End Of Their Life
Proper Atmosphere

When working with those during end of life, you are working with a person’s spiritual essence.
An individual preparing to leave the body is also preparing themselves spiritually. The connection to who they are on a deeper level becomes important. As they shed the physical they embrace the essence, moving from this world to the next.
Often people are attracted to working with end of life because they are working with both the seen and unseen, the physical world, and more than the physical. Because we are more than our bodies, we tap into our essence when the opportunity to connect with individuals at the end of their lives. What a blessing!
Always keeping in mind that the individual preparing to depart this world is experiencing their very own spiritual journey, our job is to hold a kind and loving space for them, honoring their experience and their belief system. What is our position while working with them? We are privileged to be in the presence of this miraculous transition while letting go of our own agendas.
We are each connected to one another through our common humanity. As we embark on our personal journey of being present with someone making the transition from this world to the next, we have the responsibility of making way for the most sacred experience.
Some of the factors to take into consideration include:
Keep environment clear
Keep environment clean
Place items that comfort patient in environment
Needs assessment
What is said around patient
Communicating clearly w. patient

Support Services
Guided imagery
Energy work
Pet therapy
Checking in with yourself and clearing energy before engaging with patients
Being aware to leave personal problems outside
Insuring an uplifting attitude with patient and family members
Becoming an active listener
Honoring Sacred Space and needs of patient

Family and Friends
Take time to listen to family and friends of patient
Learn about the beliefs, cultural mores, and needs of the relatives
Recognize diverse needs and provide options for meeting them
Provide education, awareness, support and resources
Create personalized care plan for patient according to patients’ wishes and family members understanding
(This all must be done under the supervision of professionals in the field under appropriate guidelines)

In closing, there is much to be considered when becoming engaged with a person at the end of their life. There are protocols, legal considerations, religious and cultural beliefs, as well as the patients’ preferences. Please make sure you have 1) consulted a thanantologist or professional in the field of end of life; 2) worked in accordance with the medical team or hospice affiliated with the patient; 3) received proper training and guidance before engaging.

For further information, reference, and support go to:…/end-of-life-resources/…

Laurrana Leigon D.Div. C.Cht.
End of Life Spiritual Care and Support